Test Tower

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This Is (mail) Art – a taste of things to come

I’ve been receiving all sorts of great submissions for the upcoming mail art show, and I thought that much like my monthly recaps of my posts, it would be nice to get an overlook of the show so far.

From Test Tower

I love Test Tower’s layered aesthetic. That being said, my first reaction to this piece was “Does Test Tower think that I’m British? Wait, maybe Test is British himself?” My second (mischievous) reaction was “Is Test Tower a queen? Wait, no, he thinks that I’m a queen!” It is true that my childhood nickname was at [...]

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From Test Tower

Received this leaflet from Test Tower documenting all of the artists who contributed to his Heebee Jeebeeland in the 4th Dimension project. Keep up the good work Test Tower! He’s starting a new callout for mail art – ‘A Fluxus Affair’. You can send your contributions to : Test Tower, 1201 W. Main. St, Centralia, [...]

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